Welcome to Wanderlust

I built this app as a way to help organize travel plans among multiple people. It's a small but common problem I ran into when traveling. The application has a wide variety of uses. If you're traveling to see friends you could use it to keep track of all their recommendations to help you plan. You could use it as a quick reference if you're on vacation trying to find the next place to go. You could use it to keep track of the place you've been on your vacation. etc.

Here’s an:

Example Trip

Example Profile

I open sourced the project on GitHub, so check it out and make it better. I always planned to build an iPhone and Android app to complement this webapp, so if you have experience in that please contact me: danecjensen [at] gmail.

Please check out my other projects:

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Please try to plan a trip with it and share the trip with people and tell me what would make the app more useful.

All feedback is appreciated.

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